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International fitness expert, Anna Kaiser, curates the best workouts from her four AKT studios, and private celebrity sessions, and is bringing them to you via AKT On Demand. From the gym, to the beach or your hotel suite, AKT's streaming workout videos are all you need to maintain your AKT body anytime, anywhere. AKT On Demand was named as one of the top 6 workout apps in 2017 by The Fashion Spot. 



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AKT is bringing its results-driven 8-week Transformation program to On Demand. It’s hands down the best way to start or take your AKT journey to the next level. AKTransform gives you all the tools you need to kick-start your body and mind into a life-sustaining transformation. The AKTransform 8-week all-inclusive program packages combine fitness and nutrition assessments, consults, and tracking, to get you the best results possible.

The AKTransform program includes:

  • 2-month AKT On Demand Subscription
  • 15-minute Fitness Assessment
  • 15-minute Nutrition Assessment
  • 8-week Fitness Plan and Nutrition Tips
  • Weekly newsletters and electronic reference tools


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15 Min Program Consult

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As you continue your journey, we recommend regular consultations/check-ins to serve as an effective motivational tool and help you continue to set realistic, measurable, time-based goals. If you have a chronic injury, want to design a specific program, or access the knowledge and experience of an AKTrainer, then the 15 Min Consult is for you!



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30 Min Live Training Session

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AKT ON DEMAND Private Training program is the BEST way to experience Anna’s technique and the quickest and safest way to reach your personal goals.

Recommended for subscribers who:

  • Need help committing to a wellness plan and sticking to it
  • Need positive reinforcement to achieve results
  • Require virtual form monitoring due to permanent injuries and/or are returning to a regular workout routine post-injury
  • Want to push themselves past their limits


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30 Min Live Nutrition Session

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AKT On Demand Nutrition are individualized programs based on your fitness goals and health needs. The initial health consultation will help determine what is right for you. With one-on-one accountability and attention, you will be able to accelerate your progress to improve and maintain your health and wellness.

Recommended for People Who:

  • Are interested in improving their overall health and well-being
  • Want personalized attention and accountability
  • Want the tools to make, accelerate, and keep lasting changes

Services Include:

  • Eating for Your Body Type
  • Food Journaling
  • Supermarket Sweeps
  • Menu Plans
  • Kitchen Discovery



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*Includes a 7-day free trial

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The Jetsetter

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AKT ON DEMAND JETSETTERS have access to the following:

AKT On Demand Workout and Wellness Library  – Includes Full Length workouts, 10-20 Minute options, and AKTread. Lifestyle videos include nutrition and workout tips, recipes, and more. A new video is added every Sunday, featuring the most recent content from our in-studio classes.

Advanced Workout Series  Combining dance cardio, HIIT, upper body, lower body, and core, this challenging workout series will give you the ultimate full-body sweat sesh. 

Beginner Workout Series – This introductory workout series is perfect for those looking for a high energy, fun mix of dance, cardio, strength, and flexibility but are not familiar with the AKT On Demand content, need to take their workout at a slower pace, or are working up to complete the full 60 minute workouts. 

A Complimentary 15 Min Trainer Consult




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10-Day Intensive

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The best of Anna’s Program at your fingertips, delivered with passion that only the AKTeam can bring. Feel the difference and see the results in just 4 workouts.

Recommended for:

  • Experiencing all of Anna’s signature workouts in one program
  • Tried everything and need a program that works
  • Preparing for a special event
  • AKT Studio clients looking to take their workouts on the go
  • This 10-Day Rental includes 10 AKT signature workouts.


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DANCE Series

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This one-month rental focuses on Anna’s signature Dance workout. The DANCE SERIES includes two (2) class specific workouts and then changes it up on the 1st day of the following month.

Recommended for:

  • Weekend get-away
  • Trying out a new workout


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Sweat Series

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This one-month rental focuses on Anna’s signature Sweat workout. The SWEAT SERIES includes two (2) class specific workouts and then changes it up on the 1st day of the following month.

Recommended for:

  • Weekend get-away
  • Trying out a new workout