Interlocking Apple watches


Earn the value of your new Apple Watch* with our Earn Your Watch challenge.

Participating Locations


Opt in to the Earn Your Watch challenge

Open the AKT app on your mobile device and click on the challenge card from the home screen to opt in. Or login in to the Member Portal here and click to opt in from the dashboard.


Buy the Apple Watch through us

To qualify for the 2-year Earn Your Watch Program, you must purchase the device through our purchase link on our website or mobile app.




Complete an average of 8 classes per month to earn the value of your Apple Watch!*



*Participating locations only.  Earn Your Watch participants must take 48 classes at a single participating location within a consecutive 6-month period to qualify for a $50 AKT account credit. This credit may be used for retail or membership dues. The program consists of four (4) 6-month challenges, for a total program length of 2 years (24 consecutive months).  Once opted in, Earn Your Watch participants will be automatically enrolled in the four consecutive challenges that are independent of one another with the ability to earn a $50 credit for each 6-month challenge completed.  Completion of the 2-year challenge results in account credits equating to the value of an Apple Watch Series 3 (valued at $199). Once your one-time, two-year period ends, you will not be eligible for a second earn your watch program. Terms and Conditions apply.


Purchase your Apple Watch and get ready to track!

Find the Apple Watch perfect for you.


If I already have an Apple Watch, can I participate in the Earn Your Watch challenge?
You must purchase or trade-in your watch through the purchase link on the AKT website or mobile app to be eligible to participate. If you have an existing Apple Watch you can still sync your watch with the member app to take advantage of the new integration between the member app and Apple Watch.
Do I have to finance my watch in order to be eligible for the Earn Your Watch challenge?
As long as you purchased the Apple Watch through the purchase link on the AKT website or mobile app, there are no payment requirements for your Apple Watch purchase if you would like to participate in the Earn Your Watch challenge. Apple does provide a financing option through their credit card, but this payment option is at your discretion.
What if I purchase a more expensive watch than the $200 credit associated with the Earn Your Watch challenge?
The maximum payout for the challenge is $200. Even if you purchase a more expensive watch, you will still only be eligible to earn the value of an Apple Watch Series 3 (valued at $199).
What if I finish my 48 classes in less than 6 months - can I advance in the challenge to the next 6-month milestone?
The challenge is designed specifically in 6-month increments of time, so you would not be able to have classes beyond the 48 within that 6-month period count towards the next 6-month period; you can take extra classes but only classes in the next 6-month period of time will count towards the challenge.
How will I know how many classes I have taken?
Once you opt-in to the Earn Your Watch challenge on the Member Portal, your classes will be automatically tracked. You will unlock a milestone for every 8 Classes, cheering you on along the way.
What if I'm a member of more than one Xponential Fitness brand or studio?
The challenge is tied to your unique member ID, so it will only track classes at the home studio you signed up under.
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