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Dance And Burn

Get ready to have fun, burn calories and move with the music.


Our Signature Classes

Dance + Tone + Intervals
This class alternates between choreographed dance sections and short strength intervals, putting your muscle and cardio endurance to the test! We methodically break down each step to make sure you learn the entire dance by the end of the class. Burn out every muscle and leave feeling elated after this high-energy interval workout.
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Box + Bands + Intervals
In this class you'll get your heart rate up, with extra support and buoyancy, as you perform some of your favorite sports based exercises with the stability of a box. Alternating between functional cardio and longer strength intervals, this workout will challenge your body on all planes of motion, as you focus on balance, agility, and the full body conditioning.
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Tone + Condition + Recover
In this workout, we pair full-body strength with smaller isolated contractions to burn out large and intrinsic muscles on every plane of motion. Finish class with a guided foam roll section to actively release the burn and aid in recovery before your next workout.
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Cardio + Strength + Circuits
This is our full body circuit training class. Build lean muscle mass by combining plyometric full body power exercises, with medium weight compound strength movements in 30 second and 15 second intervals.
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Low Recovery Time

AKT recommends you take 4-5 classes per week to feel the benefits of our program. Price incentives are extended to committed clients in the form of class packages and memberships. 

The Workout


Alternating between choreographed dance sections and short strength intervals.


Full body strength paired with small isometric movements.


A guided foam roll to actively release the burn and aid in recovery.


Alternating between function cardio and longer strength intervals with support and buoyancy of the bands.


Used to perform sports based exercises using the box for stability.

Functional Movement

Exercise that trains the body for activities performed in daily life.


Alternating between intervals of intensity.


Workout Like The Stars

AKT helped transform thousands of clients’ lives through our technique, in studios and online the AKT On Demand streaming membership program. AKT has quickly become one of the industry’s most highly respected fitness concepts by using a cross-training technique that incorporates the best workouts available (dance, HIIT, strength training, flexibility) in the most effective, efficient, and fun way.

So, Are You Ready To Sweat?

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