What is AKT?
AKT is an integrated, functional and results-driven approach to fitness. Our classes combine the best of fitness, integrating interval, circuit, dance and toning into the most comprehensive program of energetic and fun workouts!
What makes AKT different than other fitness techniques?
At AKT we move with purpose. The AKTechnique is rooted in functional movement and kinesiology, that works to create a balanced and proportionate body. You’ll simultaneously stretch and strengthen while challenging yourself in every plane of motion. Our technique strives to connect the body as a whole and not solely focus on one body part. The content in each class stays the same for 3 weeks so you can improve and master each series, then changes to keep you body guessing and never get bored! AKT will constantly challenge your stamina, endurance, strength, agility, power, and flexibility to help you achieve your goals.
Are all classes the same and if not how do they differ?
Each class is a different experience, with varying levels of cardio, strength and flexibility. Each class is designed to improve performance and agility while safely working every muscle group in your body. You’ll get an effective, full-body workout in every class, delivered with passion and energy from our expert Trainers! See The Workout page to see how each class is unique!
Do I have to be a dancer to participate in AKT classes?
Not a dancer? No problem! In addition to our DANCE workout, AKT also offers an interval-based BANDS workout, and a high-intensity CIRCUIT workout, both of which are perfect for non-dancers. As well, we have a low-impact TONE workout that is a strength-focused, full-body burn that ends with a foam roll recovery. That being said, everyone is encouraged to try our DANCE class – all choreography is broken down so no matter if it’s your first class or our 100th class, you’ll get an awesome workout!
I’ve never tried AKT before…where should I start?
The best place to start is with our AKT Preview Class, which combines two of our signature classes, BANDS + DANCE, into one fun and energetic full-body workout! You’ll truly get a taste of what AKT is all about, while introducing you to our style and vocabulary and learning the benefits of our Technique.
What should I wear/bring to my first class?
Please make sure to arrive 15 min early so that we have time to give you a tour and introduce you to your Trainer. Be prepared to move and get a great sweat! Wear light weight, sweat-wicking apparel. For shoes, cross trainers with good lateral support are best. We have complimentary towel service, alkaline filtered water stations and a retail area with the hottest workout apparel!
What’s the best program/how do I get the best results?
At AKT we take the guess work out of fitness, and give you the tools you need to see and feel results – for life! Most members take 3-5 classes a week, incorporating each of our different classes. Over time clients will see that AKT raises your cardio-respiratory level, develops long lean muscles and changes the shape of your body. Not only will you be stronger, but you will also experience improved body awareness, posture and confidence! A great program to follow is one of each of our classes – BANDS, DANCE, CIRCUIT and TONE – each week. Our Unlimited Membership allows you to take advantage of that program.
How do I get started?
Get started here or by downloading the AKT App. Select the AKT Studio location you would like to attend to sign up, see class schedules, Trainers and more!
How far in advance do I have to sign up for a class?
AKT classes fill up, so be sure to reserve your spot ahead of time! Cancellation policies vary by studio, so check with your local AKT if you need to cancel a class or session.
Do I have to have a high fitness level to join?
Everyone has a different ability level, and is encouraged to work at their own pace. Our Technique will challenge and improve your stamina, endurance, strength and flexibility regardless of your current fitness regimen. Our Trainers motivate the class in a positive way, celebrating your achievements and progress along the way!
Can I do AKT when injured?
AKT workouts can be intense. We recommend that all clients have clearance from a doctor or physical therapist to train. If you have an injury, TONE is a great, low-impact workout that allows you to focus on strength, and CIRCUIT can be easily modified and done at your own pace. Always let your Trainer know of any injuries before class so they be sure to offer you modifications.
Can I do AKT while pregnant?
Yes! With doctor’s approval, many of our clients (even our Founder) do AKT workouts up until they give birth. Labor and parenting require strength, stamina and energy and training is a great way to prepare yourself for the challenge. Please let your Trainer know before class so they can supply you with the proper modifications.
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